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How it works?
Reproduce the discontinued part at a competitive price!


1. Anyone can initiate their reproduction part idea on our ideas platform.

2.1. Customers can vote their interested products in the platform.

2.2. TM will select a product to launch a crowd funding campaign based on the vote, cost and feasibilities.

3. Customers can purchase the upcoming part through the campaign at a very competitive price.

4. When the minimum backers of the campaign is fulfilled, research & development will be kickstarted.

5. Mass Production
6. Product will then be available online for purchase.

7. Commission/ standard cash reward and a free item will be provided to the initiator.


 Visit the Ideas Platform 


Launched Projects

Terms and Conditions:

  • If Idea provider(Initiator) needs to provide an original OEM part to TM for R&D. The shipping cost will be covered by TM. Part must be intact.

  • If Initiator cannot provide the part to TM, a Contributor (to provide the part) will be needed and the commission will be split 50:50 to the initiator and contributor.

  • If there is no sufficient backers within limited time, the campaign will be dismissed.

  • When a campaign is failed to launch, money will be returned to all backers via Paypal refund.

  • TM have all rights to terminate any projects under any circumstances.

  • Initiator and Contributor have to bear the lost of their parts due to logistics damage or lost.

  • If Initiator cannot be contacted by TM within 2 months after their idea is chosen, TM have the right not to provide any commission and rewards to them. 

  • Commission can only be rewarded to Initiator and Contributor's Paypal account in USD.

  • TM will return the original component to owner after R&D process.

  • TM has all the right to remove any irrelevant post in the idea platform without notification.


      **Campaign duration will be product dependent.

      **Only AE86 OEM part reproduction ideas will be accepted at this moment

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